My dog training philosophy

I train dogs to become a better member of your family and for everyday life. I’m Not worried about if your dog can shake or give paw-yes, it is cute and most people consider that training, and there is a time and place for the cute stuff.

First, let us start with teaching you and your dog to walk calmly and sit politely. I believe if you can walk your dog without being pulled or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior then you will want to spend more time with your dog and take them with you more places.

Everything I teach your dog will be used in everyday life. I start with my- 6 Fundamental Commands.

They are:
Sit – Heel – Place – Down – Recall – No/Leave it – all taught with a release word. The “Stay” command is replaced with the release word by teaching the dog to hold the last command till released or given another command.

I do all of the teaching of commands on a slip leash first because the slip leash can be positioned high on the head behind the ears helping control and direct the body. After the dog has learned the commands and are ready to work, then together you and your dog will pick the working collar together. I DO NOT pick the collar your dog works on. Breed and Size DO NOT pick the collar your dog works on. Every dog is different.